G is for…Dyscophus Guineti

Today is the seventh day of the April A to Z Challenge.  I will be writing about different frog species based on their latin species names!  See the introduction here.


Dyscophus guineti – Sambava Tomato Frog

These frogs get there name due to their tomato like appearance.  Females are more brightly colored and physically larger than their male counterparts with the females ranging from 3-4″ long.


The D. guineti frog lives in tropical rainforests in Madagascar.  They are most active at evening and night.  They will spend majority of their day half-hidden under brush waiting for food.


D. guineti is called an ambush predator, meaning that they prefer to wait until prey walks across their path.


Their bright coloration acts as a warning as to their toxicity, however if that fails the tomato frog can inflate its body and secrete a sticky, milky toxin from its skin glands capable of repelling most predators.


The D. guineti is considered least concern by the IUCN due to the tolerance of habitat disruption and presumed large population.


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