L is for…Hylomantis lemur

Today is the twelfth  day of the April A to Z Challenge.  I will be writing about different frog species based on their latin species names!  See the introduction here.


Hylomantis lemur – Lemur leaf frog

I love this frog.  How adorable is it?  Fully grown they will reach ~2″.


 I love how curious they look. Lemur_leaf_frog_(Hylomantis_lemur)

University of Manchester has been working with Lemur frogs and has determined that these frogs are able to color change similar to a chameleon would!  It was found that they are typically reddish brown at night and pale green at day as shown in the photo below.  These frogs are nocturnal, so the green color helps them blend into the leaves while sleeping and the brown color helps to camouflage them at night while they are active.

Here’s a video that also shows it!  The room is actually very dark and 1 photo was taken every 10 minutes with a flash.

Pretty cool stuff!

2012-05-16 09.33.34

This frog is listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN red list.  It was once a common species in Costa Rica, but most populations have disappeared.  This species has been greatly affected by the disease Chytrid.  Feel free to check out this post on Chytrid if you do not know what it is.  Here is a link to a website that is currently working on Project Lemur Frog to help save & restablish the Lemur Frog. Project Lemur Frog 

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24 thoughts on “L is for…Hylomantis lemur

  1. Great pictures. My daughter particularly adore this frogs and says they look like little aliens! (She also just observed that there are so many cool creatures on this earth – we don’t really have to go anywhere else.)

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