U is for…Leptopelis Uluguruensis

Today is the twenty-first day of the April A to Z Challenge.  I will be writing about different frog species based on their latin species names!  See the introduction here.


Leptopelis  Uluguruensis

The L. Uluguruensis is a species of frog that calls Tanzania its home.  It lives in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. 


It can range in color from dark green to blue-green with or without white rings or spots or brown with a dark pattern.  Males typically have a blue throat.


They are said to have a brief rather unremarkable clack for a voice.  I love their rather large eyes.


This frog is listed as Endangered by the IUCN red list.  This frog is threatened by forest loss and degradation.




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Image Sources:

(1) Zoological Museum of Denmark(2) Wikimedia (3) Flickr User Loic Denes




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