Z is for…Allobates zaparo

Today is the final day of the April A to Z Challenge.

Allobates Zaparo

This frog is gorgeous.  Found in Peru and Ecuador, it is found in the leaf litter.




The zaparo frog is a mimic frog, as it is not actually poisonous, but it uses it’s brightly colored appearance to its advantage and mimics the toxic E. billinguis.


 The IUCN red list lists the A. zapparo as of Least Concern as there is no current threats to this species.


Hope you enjoyed this years April A to Z posts!  Check out any posts you missed here:




(1) IUCN red list(2) National Geographic

Image Sources:

(1) iNaturalist(2&3) AmphibiaWeb


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13 thoughts on “Z is for…Allobates zaparo

  1. What an amazing looking frog! You came up with some good ones for this Challenge. Excellent job! And thanks for your help as an Ambassador.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks!! He is pretty awesome!!

      Phew! The challenge was lots of fun, but a month is about enough of every day posting. I don’t know how people can do that for any extended amount of time!

    1. Thanks!! Congratulations on making it through!! I enjoyed all your parks! It was a virtual tour! Very cool and gave me lots of places that I want to visit.

  2. That is a beautiful frog, indeed.
    Do you take your frogs out for excercise and to move about? How does that work?

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