Keeping Tanks Cool

Hope you have enjoyed the break from hearing from me!  It has been a nice break after posting everyday for April.

A common misconception is that the frogs live in the rain forest so they love it hot.  Poison dart frogs should never get above 78 degrees.  They are not heat tolerant at all and it is very easy for them to overheat and die due to being unable to cool themselves by evaporation.

I find a good rule of thumb to be:

Assume tanks are 5 degrees warmer than the room temperature

This takes into account the extra heat from lights & trapped heat within the tank.  Now keep in mind that the room temperature is actual temperature, not how cool it feels due to a breeze, as the tanks don’t receive any breeze or wind to cool it (unless of course you have internal fans,but that’s a separate issue).


Here are some tips to keep your tanks cool through the hot summer days:

Portable A/C Units

-This is the easiest way to cool the tank.  If the room is cool then the tank will never get outside of the desired temperature range.


Reverse Light Cycle

-By allowing the lights off during the hottest portions of the day, you reduce the risk of the tank getting too hot.


Switch to LED lights

-LED lights do not emit as much heat as less efficient fluorescent or incandescent lights.


I recommend the MarineLand LED light Buy it here!

Raise Lights Above Tank

-Increasing height above tank will reduce the amount of trapped heat above the tank


Switch to screen top/ ventilation strips in lieu of glass

-screen tops will allow more heat to escape & you could direct a fan over top of tank to help with evaporative cooling


In an Emergency:


Add Ice

-Keep water bottles partially filled with water in the freezer so you can fill them with cold water & wrap in a towel to set in the tank.



-Misting with cool water will help to cool the tank down


Turn off Lights

-Turn off the tank lights will help to reduce unnecessary heat


Pack Up Frogs

-If it appears that this is going to be a prolonged event, the easiest way is to pack up the frogs and move them to a temporary location that will be cooler such as a relatives house or even the basement.


Got any more tips?  Share them below in the comments!



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One thought on “Keeping Tanks Cool

  1. My vivarium has a continues water flow: from a large container in the cabinet-stand to the waterfall, via a little creek to a “pond” which has an overflow outlet to the container. Should I endeavour to drop ice cubes in this container or place ice packs there? Or are there such things as mini AC’s for hobbyists?
    There is a sensor at the top of my 90 gallon vivarium, the readings are usually 90% humidity and anywhere from 70-80 F…

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