State of the Frog Room after Moving

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts in June!  We have finally got all of our stuff moved to our NEW house and now the fun of unpacking remains.  This photo does not show nearly how much junk is in that truck, but it was a 26′ truck so we had a lot of stuff.



I have also been working hard to get together a series on fruit flies.  It will be a 4 part series- with Part 1 going live on Friday!!

Part 1- types of flies

Part 2- which type of culturing cups to use

Part 3-Pro Tips on Culturing flies along with their media choices

Part 4 – 26 Expert Opinions on Supplementing Flies – including brand & frequency.

Seize the Day

Now for a quick update on the state of my collection:IMG_7877.JPG



Same ole same ole with these guys.  No eggs or courting signs recently, but I know they are a pair.




Camo Auratus-

This probable pair has been more active recently & they have been allowing me to view them more regularly which is awesome to see!  I did move 1 bromeliad to more in the center of the tank which removed their previous hiding spot so this probably helped.



So MANY babies!!! I am so excited!! These 3 are now safely on land and in their own temporary grow-out tank.  yes that is 2 normal & 1 melanistic tarapoto!


I also have 4 more tadpoles – well 1 more tadpoles & 3 almost out of the water frogs!




I am loving how this tank has grown in.  The plants are all taking hold and growing like weeds!  AND – This is probably the most exciting news!! I have a probable pair!  I have recently heard the male calling (its actually more of a buzz) AND i found molded over eggs.



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8 thoughts on “State of the Frog Room after Moving

  1. I had tropical fish years ago and a small turtle in my lab office back in the 70’s. Never kept frogs but maybe you can tell me what it is that I posted a pic of today for wordless Wednesday.

  2. well I just found you through your post on the blogpaws community 🙂 what do you do with the baby frogs? I would imagine if you kept them all you’d quickly run out of space, but that is just what I imagine..

    1. Thanks for stopping by Connie! I have been keeping them, but recently started selling them. I have sold 4 already and have another 8 almost ready to go to new homes! So if you know anyone who is in the market 😉

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