Which Fruit Fly Container is Right for you?

I cannot believe that it is already July!  Today’s post will highlight the different types of fruit fly containers so you can figure out which one will be best for you.   Last friday’s post was on types of fruit flies, check it out HERE if you missed it!

Copy of Seize the Day.png


I will start with the most popular type:

Plastic Insect Cup w/ vented lid:


-Relatively cheap (~$0.50 each without quantity discounts)

-Easy to tap out flies while feeding

-Eventually plastic will break-down / get scuzzy

-No two plastics are the same.  Need to invest in thicker plastic cups to last longer

Glass Jars:


-last forever

-high upfront cost, but it is an investment

-easy to clean & sanitize


Re-used bottles (water, soda & pasta)


(I would recommend adding some excelsior to this in lieu of the single paper)

-cheapest solution – as you most likely already have these in your recycling

-easiest clean-up (toss after each use)

-hardest to dispense flies – dispensing causes pupea to fall out as well or even worse media


Stay tuned for my next post in the series about fruit flies where I will share some tips from the pros on how they culture flies.


Cover image from Wikipedia commons – modified to include text

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5 thoughts on “Which Fruit Fly Container is Right for you?

  1. I have no need to culture flies, but I have found a good method for getting rid of them. I stole it from a winery I visited up north. Seems they love wine and a little in a shallow container with some dish soap will get rid of them. Just saying.

    1. I think this sounds like the perfect post for after my fruit fly culturing series! 🙂 I have heard many good ways to get rid of them! Funny that as I was taking some pictures of baby froglets I saw a fly walking across the floor. I was thinking yep, time to get the fruit fly traps out. Hope my husband doesn’t find any! Boy would he freak!

  2. I have to laugh at wanting to culture fruit flies, because I’m always trying to get rid of them. I brew Kombucha and they LOVE that stuff.. If I have even one fruit fly in my house inevitably they find their way into it and I have to throw the whole thing out. (I do save some to make a fruit fly trap)

    1. I bet they do love that! I have a hard time keeping out the wild fruit flies as well. A single wild fly can turn the whole cup into flying! After this series ends I will have another on fruit fly traps! Thanks for stopping by! I’m headed to your page now!

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