26 Pros thoughts on Fruit Fly Supplementation

Today’s post will feature 26 hobbyists/ breeders to showcase how they supplement their flies.  Also make sure to check out Part 1 on types of flies, Part 2 on culturing containers & Part 3 on media types if you missed them!


In the wild, frogs are able to have a wide variety of insects which allows them to receive all the nutrients they need.  In captivity, we will not be able to replicate the diverse number of insects which may cause nutritional shortcomings.  Supplementation is very important for the health and well being of your frog.  Over the past month, I have asked many breeders and hobbyists how often and what they use to supplement their frogs flies in hopes to shed some light on what the small hobbyists can do to help provide the best supplements for their frogs.  So without further adieu here are their responses:


Zac Herr


 I use calcium plus and recently started alternating with dendrocare.  I supplement every other feeding usually and do a pure vitamin a powder once a month for breeding.

Zac is a hobbyist who has a flare for photography.  He owns ZTH Photography and has taken some amazing photos.  His photos have been selected as editors choice winner for Photo of the year 2015 by The Reptile Report, featured on the National Geographic website and is currently posting #FrogFactFriday for the @RainforestAlliance on Instagram.  Check out his website here: http://zthphotography.com/


Mark Drysdale


 I dust with a little nutrabol every other feeding.

Mark is a hobbyist who is pretty new to frogs, but he is jumping in feet first with a group of Auratus El Cope.


Lisa Ann Wolfe

lisa ann wolfe.jpg

I use Dendrocare – Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Monday I supplement with Rep-Cal Calcium with Vit-D. Friday I supplement with Tincman Herps NaturalRose Carotenoid.

Lisa is a hobbyist who considers herself as a beginner, although she already is well on her way to owning her own frog army.

Warren Hubert

warren hubert.jpg

I have been using Dendrocare lately but not real happy with it, so, I will not be getting it next time (doesn’t stick well to flies).  I dust every feeding and feed every other day.

Warren is a hobbyist who has many different types of frogs.  I am quite jealous of him as he has both vanzos and bennies and those are both on my wish list.  Somedayyyy.

Mickey Damelio

mickey's frog

 I use Repashy Calcium Plus, and the Repashy Vitamin A supplement. I use Calcium plus every other feeding and usually feed about 4 times a week. Vitamin A I supplement about once a month to 6 weeks. I don’t want to overdose it.

Mickey is a hobbyist who is slowly building up his frog squad.  He also has a squad of mourning geckos.



joe k III instagram

 The supplements I use currently are the repashy line, calcium, vitamin a and the supervite. I feed usually on Monday Wednesday Friday, occasionally over the weekend if I don’t see many flies in the viv. Calcium at every feeding. Supervite feeding is once a month and vitamin a is usually once a month also. Will sometimes give it twice a month when they’re laying eggs heavily. Open to other supplements but these are the ones I’ve been using so far and have worked well

Joe is a hobbyist who has some gorgeous looking frogs.  From his Instagram account you can tell that he loves his Subaru and his frogs! Check it out here: https://www.instagram.com/jkversion3.0/


Erik Melander


I use repashy supplements and media. I feed every other day.

I supplement vit A on the 15th of every month and supervit on the 30th of every month. Every feeding other than those I use calc plus.

Erik is involved with Canadart.org.  Canadart.org is a forum dedicated to dart frog info for Canadian residents.


Tom Carola

tom carola instagram

 I use calcium at every feeding and vit a once or twice a month depending on the frogs and how often they are breeding

Tom is a moderator for Dendroboard.  He is also an admin for the facebook group Frog Room.  I highly recommend everyone join!  It is a great group with lots of awesome photos and discussions!


Rusty Shackleford

rusty shackleford.jpg

Well I use NeHerp fly media. And I use repashy calcium plus for every feeding. I feed my frogs two days on, one day off.  I have used dendrocare in the past and I like that too.

Rusty works for NEHerp and works with many types of frogs, along with geckos, snakes, chameleons and more!  NEHerp is a family owned herp supply company & herpetofauna specialist, focusing on professional vivarium building products and design.  Visit their website for more information:   www.neherpetoculture.com


James Wesley


I supplement every feeding I use through my rotation schedule Repashy Cal+, Dendrocare, Miner-all, Naturose, Repashy vit A.
I tend to feed every other day and will mix supplements. Repashy cal+ and dendrocare are the base of the supplements. So I will feed the first time of the week Repashy cal+, natrurose then the next feeding will be Dendrocare and miner-all.
I only use Repashy Vit A once a month unless I notice and issue with egg quality, tadpole health such as SLS etc. Then I will increase it to once every two weeks. When I do that I will add a feeding into the rotation for those showing signs and feed them specifically flies dusted with only Vit A.
James has taken many awesome photos of his frogs and placed them on his Instagram
Instagram @the_real_azurel.  He also creates some very cool pieces of art. His Instagram account also features some of his home brew stuff which is equally as awesome.  James Wesley Facebook Page

Paul Pruitt


I use Repashy products mainly, calcium plus 4 times a week. Super pig 2 times a week and hertivite 1 time a week. I alternate SuperPig with Vitamin A every other week.

Paul is a hobbyist who is very passionate about dart frogs.  He is the owner of Dartfrog Kingdom where he sells from his personal collection.  I received my D. tinc. ‘bakhuis’ from him!  They are awesome!  Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/DartFrogKingdom/


Charles Schurman



I use my own Tundra media.  If I was going to buy media it would be from glassboxtropicals.  I use Dendrocare and Repashy Calcium Plus alternating roughly every 2-3 feedings.  Once or twice a month I use Repashy Vitamin A.

Charles is a hobbyist who has been keeping amphibians and reptiles for many years!  He is the owner of Tundra Exotics who has been specializing in creating custom glass enclosures.  Check it out here: Tundra Exotics Facebook Page


Wes Harleman

jewels of eden.jpg


I use Repashy Calcium Plus, Vitamin A, and Dendrocare.  I use Repashy every feeding, Vitamin A roughly once a month. Dendrocare I am getting ready to start using once a week and will probably switch to permanently.  I make my own fly media, or I purchase flies from Buckeye Dart Frogs or Josh’s Frogs. I use Buckeye Dart Frogs because he lives real close to me and we deal all of the time. I don’t have to ship, we just meet.

Wes is the owner of Jewels of Eden.  He sells custom terrariums  and many varieties of poison dart frogs located in Ohio.  Check it out here: Jewels of Eden Facebook Page



Brian Strange

brian strange.jpg

With my collection being large I’ve chosen to make my own media. I started with Josh’s media when I only had a few frogs. As my collection grew it was not cost effective to purchase pretty made media. As I mainly keep tincs and terribs they are big eaters. The way I do my cultures is for large blooms that generally last around a week and then are relatively useless for my purpose. My mix is the basic stand by potato flakes, powdered sugar, brewers yeast, methyl paraben, cinnamon, and any supplements that are close to expiration. I supplement every feeding, my feeding schedule depends on the “season” the individual pairs or groups are in. Froglets are fed every day, flies and springs holdbacks, subadults every other day. I use Repashy calcium+,dendrocare, and herpivite in rotation. My breeders are supplemented with Repasy vit A every 2 weeks. I also use Superpig twice a month.

Brian has a moderate sized collection.  He is a member of many frog related facebook groups and always posts awesome photos of his many types of frogs.


Stef Fochi


I use Repashy Calcium twice a week.

Stef is the empanada queen who is a lover of animals.  I have gotten to know her over the past year and as my husband puts it, she makes me look sane!  She keeps over 50 species and 300 specimens of frogs, geckos and lizards and she has 3 dogs!  Check out her instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/thedartfrogqueen/


John Mederskiavalon

I feed daily or as nearly to daily as I can ( with nearly 60 tanks in 4 different locations it gets hard) and I dust daily with repashy cal+.

I use only repashy brand supplements cal + daily superpig on my red yellow orange frogs every other week vitamin a once a month I feed my isopods bug burger or organic mushrooms and I’m about to start using soilent green to feed my tads.

John is the owner of Avalon Exotics.  He has been building custom terrariums and breeding dart frogs since 2007.  Check Avalon Exotics out here: Avalon Exotics Facebook Page

Chris Luce



I feed 3 times a week. I make 45 cultures weekly (15 melanogaster, 15 turkish glider, and 15 hydei) using my own media. I supplement at every feeding. A rotation of Repashy Calcium Plus and Dendrocare. I also use Repashy Vit A every 2-4 weeks.

Chris is the owner of Coco Hut Dart Frogs.  He is very involved in the dart frog community and has created a program called Leucs for Little Ones.  I have previously featured him in a Hobbyist Feature here!

Facebook- www.facebook.com/CocoHutDartFrogs/ Email- Chris@CocoHutDartFrogs.com


 Zach Brinks


I’m a fan of using the Josh’s Frogs Fly media – we use it to make over 100 dozen cultures a week, and I’ve been using it for about 10 years.

At Josh’s Frogs, we rotate between RepCal Calcium with D3, RepCal Herptivite, and Repashy Calcium Plus as our ‘primary’ supplements. We’re currently experimenting with the addition of DendroCare into our rotation.

At Josh’s Frogs, we supplement with Vitamin A Plus once a month with regular breeders, and twice a month with problem breeders (bad eggs, tadpoles, etc). Repashy SuperPig contains a lot of natural pigment and color enhancers, and can greatly improve the appearance of captive bred animals. We use Repashy SuperPig once a month in our feedings. In addition to these commercially available supplements, we also grind up high grade Folic Acid and Zinc supplements into powder form, and dust with the mixture once a month when feeding our breeder dart frogs.

Zach works at Josh’s Frogs and has been caring for frogs for over 25 years!  Josh’s frogs specializes in captive bred poison dart frogs, feeder insects and terrarium supplies.  Check them out here:    http://www.joshsfrogs.com/


Lindsay Sudol-Shore

shore thing exotics.jpg

Our feeding schedule for the dart frogs is fairly strait forward. We use both D. melanogaster and D hydei fruit flies. We have been getting the starter cultures from Flymeat.com (was Ed’s Fly Meat) for years now. We use both their culture media and flies. More recently, we have been purchasing from Josh’s Frogs and using both their cultures and media. We have had great luck with both and use two just as a precaution. We have never had any issues with either, but when flies crash, fast reactions are a must. 

We are making about 12 melanogaster and 3 hydei cultures twice a week and have them in rotation to attempt to always have producing cultures. We have used both established and new purchased cultures as starters. It depends on the age and condition of what is in house which we use.

For the actual feeding, most of the time we use the unsupplemented flies. If a group has been heavily breeding or is a new breeder for us, we tend to increase the frequency of supplements. Babies tend to have some extra calcium added to their food twice a month using Rep-cal Calcium. As a general rule of thumb we will rotate between two Repashy superfoods. The Supervite and Vitamin A-Plus are rotated and each used once a week on the collection. These two formulas have proven very successful in both maintaining the adults for breeding and allowing them to produce many healthy tadpoles. We use a similar rotation on our tree frogs as well and have very good success this year to date. I have talked to multiple breeders and hobbyist alike and having a good rotation of supplements is very important.

Lindsay is a part of the new family operation called Shore Thing Exotics.  They currently have many different amphibian breeding projects.  Learn more about them here: Shore Thing Exotics Facebook Page 


Julio Medrano


I use Repashy Calcium Plus with Vit A. once a month. I am now trying DendroCare. Since Vit A is the first ingredient, I am not supplementing any Vit A. I am going to be alternating between DendroCare for a month and then Repashy products for a month.  Fruitfly media I for the most part use my own recipe. But I also use media from GlassBoxTropicals and from Tundra Exotics. Love both of these. I was just consulting with Charles from Tundra and we tweaked my recipe so now I’m getting close to the production I get from Glass Box and from Tundra media. I’ll still use those 2 but mostly it will be my media. I make 25 cultures a week.

Julio currently works with various poison dart frogs and crested geckos.  He owns & manages Who’s Frogs.  Learn more about them here: Who’s Frogs Facebook Page


Jared Ruffing


I use Dendrocare and Naturose on every feeding, so three times a week.  About once a month I’ll do a feeding to the adults of just Repashy Vitamin A. As for media I use Glassbox Tropicals or Rainforest Junkies.

Jared owns Ruffing’s Ranitomeya where he has a vast collection of Ranitomeya dart frogs.  He has every Ranitomeya species available in the hobby, so if you are looking for Ranitomeya frogs, look no further.  Check it out here: Ruffing’s Ranitomeya facebook page


Julio Rodriguez

julio instagram

My feeding regimen consist of 3 days a week, usually Mondays, Weds and Fridays and each feeding the flies are dusted with these supplements on a rotation basis.
Reptocal Calcium
Vitamin A
Usually calcium is fed every other feeding and a diff vitamin supplement, all tanks have a feeding station to help keep the flies in and also helps to have them breed in the tanks and sometimes i am able to skip a feeding or 2 if the frogs have more then enough flies in the tanks still remaining. I typically make fly cultures ounce a week.

Julio is a hobbyist who has way too many frogs to count.  He can be found on instagram as dartfrogs where he shows off his many gorgeous frogs, plants and fauna.  Check him out here: Julio Rodriguez Instragram


Joán Silva

rana selvatica

I use josh’s Frog’s media combined with Repashy media, also I combined for suplementation Vitamin A from repashy, Calcium (repcal pink label), dendrocare and naturerose (Idris Tincman )

And the schedules is: I feed every 3 days sometimes 4 and I dust every feed alternating supplementation

Joán has a passion for frogs and photography.  Both can be seen beautifully on his facebook and instagram pages.  Check them out here: Rana Selvática Facebook Page  & Rana Selvática Instagram


Shawn Harrington

frog whisperer

I’m a supplement fanatic and rotate a ton of supplements. Not sure it’s worth listing but if its out there I use it. Most often Herptivite, Dendrocare, Rep-Cal with D, SuperPreen, Stickytongue, Repashy Vit-A as well as a variety of carotenoid enhancers like BrineShrimpDirect.com sells for the fish industry.

I feed as often as I can. That isnt all that often these days due to work so I use banana feeding stations and I supplement every hand feeding. That combined with automated misting and clay enhanced media with isopods is usually enough.

My lighting is Arcadia UV bulbs, although I am not certain a significant usable amount of UV reaches my planted frog tanks.

Shawn is otherwise known as “The Frog Whisperer”.  He won the Breeder’s choice award in 2014 and has a ridiculous collection of frogs.  Visit his facebook page to find out more: The Frog Whisperer


Patrick Nabors

saurian ent.

I’ve got lots of detailed thoughts on supplements, many people use too much or the wrong thing when trying to keep frogs….I have always used Rep Cal brand calcium with d-3, and Herptivite, at every feeding.  Generally speaking it has worked extremely well for me.   I have definitely helped to diagnose and troubleshoot many problems that stemmed from people using the wrong vitamins or the wrong calcium powder on their bugs.

Patrick is very helpful & knowledgeable.  He is well known across the hobby!  Patrick owns and operates Saurian Enterprises.  I received my first leucs from him and I have been addicted ever since!  Saurian is a small business which specialises in dart frogs.  They have been breeding frogs and lizards for over 15 years and offer a wide selection of captive bred gems, along with a full line of supplies for the care of dart frogs.  Check out his page here:  http://saurian.net/


Chris Sherman

Sherman Tanks Banner.png

I have always used fruit flies directly from Black Jungle Exotics with their media. I prefer D. melanogaster to D. hydei due to more consistent culturing, but acknowledge that it is easier to keep larger frogs such as D. tinctorious and P. terribilis up to weight with the latter.

For supplements, I prefer a wide variety.

Every other feeding, I use Rep-Cal  Calcium with Vit. D3.

On alternating feedings, I cycle through Dendrocare, Blair’s Super Preen, a carotenoid called NaturalRose and Rep-Cal Herptivite. Occationally, I will add to this mix, but these are my staples.

I also try to add a Vitamin A supplement every other week to once a month. I am currently experimenting with a Vitamin A mix from Tincman Herps that will hopefully be on the market soon.


I tried to simplify this routine a couple of years ago with an all in one type supplement that failed to achieve the results I was familiar with having. As a result almost all of my Dendrobatids stopped producing offspring. Once I switched back to this type of routine, I was able to slowly see improvement.

Chris owns Sherman Tanks.  He specializes in creating glass terrariums.  Check out his facebook page here: Sherman Tanks Facebook Page


 I hope you enjoyed the fruit fly series and learned a thing or two.  How do you supplement your flies?  Let me know below in the comments!



I also want to take a moment to thank each person who took the time out of their busy schedule to respond to my numerous questions.  I am so very glad to be a part of this awesome hobby.  I was expecting about 5 responses and ended up with over 20!!!


Cover image from Wikipedia commons – modified to include text


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