Preparing to move with pet frogs

As I am sure you are all aware, we moved houses in beginning of June.  This was an awesome change of scenery and everything is now back up and running.  To any home owner this is a daunting task, however when you have pets that depend on you for temperature regulation along with food and can easily be crushed/ escape it is an even harder task.  While preparing to move I was unable to find much advice for how to stage/sell our house with a frog collection or how to move the tanks and frogs when we needed to move multiple times/days.

I hope that this guide will help anyone else who is looking at moving in the near future with some of the things that I did to help the process along.

Prior to open houses/ showings:

This is something that applies to all rooms, but DECLUTTER.  People do not want to see all the leaves, extra cups, cultures, etc. while walking around your house.  So I took this as a time to purge all items I no longer needed.  I also boxed up any item that there was a chance I wouldn’t need within the next couple of months.  Luckily I had a large closet in my frog room so this allowed me to place all of these boxed items into the closet, which in turn made the closet look better and more organized.

IMG_0061Also you may want to take a moment to assess where your collection is located.  My husband and I took awhile to think about it and decided that the collection being located in our guest bedroom was not as nice as a smaller room we had upstairs.  By moving the tanks and accessories, the guest bedroom felt more like a bedroom and it gave purpose to our smaller room upstairs as a hobby/ extra room.


Tanks all over the house may seem like a great idea to spread it out so it doesn’t look at massive, however in my case, I think combining all the tanks together in one room made the collection seem like a hobby and helped the new owners to realize they could easily replace the bookshelf and tanks with a desk and filing cabinet which would take up about the same amount of space.

Open Houses/ Showings:

Open houses and showings are very tricky if you have tanks that are easy opening like mine.  My large concern was unsuspecting people opening the tanks not knowing that the tanks had occupants and the frogs escaping.

In order to combat these concerns, I created a very easy and simple graphic to put on the outside of the tanks.



I also taped the lid of this tank closed as a precaution

Prior to open houses and every showing, I wiped down the inside of the tank and ran a vacuum through the frog room to catch any escaped flies and spiderwebs.  I also put all cultures & flies in an unlabeled plastic tote with paper bag blocking the view.  The lid was set on top gently as one of the last things prior to leaving the house to make sure that the cultures would not get too wet.  I feel like this was a very important step.  Most people who do not have animals, do not like the idea of seeing bugs in their house.  So by hiding them and containing them people will not have to worry about it.

Stay tuned for the next post which will feature helpful tips for moving!


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One thought on “Preparing to move with pet frogs

  1. Hello, My name is John Byer and I follow you on your site,etc. I have a question that you may be able to help me with. I have come across a pic of a dart frog but I have been unable to identify what specie is. You can find it on the web site of – It is the second photo which is the red & black frog looks like a spider man frog. If you know what kind it is would you kindly let me know and what you know about it. Thanks, John

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