5 reasons to support the Poison Dart Frog Documentary on Kickstarter



  1. Think of the frogs
    • Frogs have evolved millions of years ago, but now they are slowly one by one becoming extinct.  I would love for millions of documentaries to highlight these frogs while they are still around and we are capable of finding some wild frogs to showcase.sin-titulo-1-7small
  2. Non-Profit Project
    • 100% of the profits will go to a conservation program for poison dart frogssin-titulo-1-8small
  3. Travel within rain forests
    • It is expensive to travel throughout the rain forests of Bolivia, Nicaragua and so on.  I would also imagine it would be dangerous.
    • This video can give you an inside view of what these rain forests are like.fotos-con-marca-1-6
  4. Special Equipment
    • In order to film within the warm & humid environmental conditions of the rain forests; special equipment will be required.
    • Many videos spend only a few minutes capturing these conditions; with the right equipment they will be able to showcase the environment.
    • They will also have the equipment if they ever wanted to create another video for us 🙂fotos-con-marca-1-7
  5. Unique Voices
    • The team is hoping to share native’s voices along with biological stations for a unique insight into the conservation of these precious animals.  This will give a unique perspective and hopefully will shed some light into how potential conservation can be achieved.fotos-con-marca-1-2


How to get involved

Follow them on Facebook to follow their progress

Follow them on Instagram

Follow them on Twitter

Visit their Kickstarter page and DONATE!


~$11 USD to recieve a map of all the places where the documentary was filmed, along with the name of each species found at each location

~22 USD to receive full resolution pictures of the frogs and their natural habitat


UNTIL OCTOBER 25th – Pledge ~22 USD or more to receive a free streaming of the film prior to it’s release to the public.

After October 25th – ~33 USD to stream the film before it’s release to the public

~45 USD get a digital file of the film for free!

~50 USD a link to the stream the film along with a thank you in the credits

~84 USD a link to download the film along with a thank you in the credits

~112 USD everything above plus a specially designed t-shirt

~139 USD everything $84 and above and watch an early cut of the film and give us feedback

~223 USD everything $84 and above along with receive a detailed description to follow their footsteps and find the frogs in their secret undisturbed habitats

~335 USD everything from $84 and above along with a final DVD of the film


~446 USD everything from $84 and above along with the filmmakers sharing their experience and uncover how to recreate the documentary yourself and find the untouched rain forests.

~558 USD everything from $84 and above along with an associate producer credit on the film, a large poster of the documentary and a DVD copy of the film.

~ 1,116 USD Receive a 1 week long stay at one of the campings where the project started, the land of Oophaga pumilio.  Plus get your name as an associate producer!


All photos and videos were used with written permission from the ‘Poison Dart Frogs, The Documentary’ team.


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