Building a terrarium from the bottom up – Moss

Today’s post is the start of the building a tank from the bottom up series.  It will feature everything you need to know to get your terrarium or vivarium started!  First layer was the False Bottom and second was substrate, read more about them if you missed it.



 Next Up: Moss!

I know a lot of people elect to ignore this step, however I do find it to be beneficial.  I like to add a sprinkle of long fiber sphagnum moss.  Sphagnum moss has been said to have some anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  It also helps to prevent substrate from sticking to the frogs.


My Method

I personally do not like working with sphagnum moss.  It always seems to fly all over and make a huge mess.  However, I will soak the moss in water and then wring it out.  I will then sprinkle the moss on top of the substrate.  I originally did not use this extra layer, but I have found that it drastically cuts down the amount of dirt that is found on the glass and on the frogs.


Once you have the moss down then you are ready for step 4!


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