Building a terrarium from the bottom up – cleaning crew

Today’s post is the start of the building a tank from the bottom up series.  It will feature everything you need to know to get your terrarium or vivarium started!  First layer was the False Bottom and second was substrate and third was moss, read more about them if you missed it.


Next Up: Cleaning Crew!

Cleaning crew is not everyone’s favorite portion of the tank but it has a very important role within the tank.  When I say cleaning crew, I am talking about isopods and springtails.  These bugs eat decaying wood and plant matter, along with mold and make nutrients for the plants to use.  These small bugs also make great snacks for any hungry frogs.  By seeding your tanks before adding frogs, you will allow the springtails and isopods time to populate.


My Method

Dump 1/2 a culture of springtails and isopods, followed by some rice and slice of raw potatoes or fresh mushrooms. I find that adding a little food will jump start them and allow them to populate the tank faster.  Keep the other half of each culture to cultivate outside of the tank.  This will allow you to dump extra in as a treat or to help repopulate your tank.  I find that my thumbnails can decimate the springtails more than the larger frogs.

Once you have the moss down then you are ready for step 5!


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