Building a terrarium from the bottom up – tank accents

Today’s post is the start of the building a tank from the bottom up series.  It will feature everything you need to know to get your terrarium or vivarium started!  First layer was the False Bottom, second was substrate, third was moss, fourth was cleaning crew and fifth was leaf litter read more about them if you missed it.


Next Up: Tank Accents!

Tank accents can be a wide variety of items.  The most common accents are plants, rocks, woods, coco huts and cork.


Living plants are essential to keeping the tank’s ecosystem alive.  There are a variety of plants that can be found everywhere.  Take a look at these posts to see which plants I like in my tanks: Plants for Terrariums, New Plants & Fittonia’s.


Rocks/ Woods/ Cork

I have grouped these three together as all 3 can be placed and can help serve as a way to make the tank look more natural.  These also function as items that frogs may hide on, under or near.  Manzanita wood is very hard and durable within the tank environments.  Grapewood is less durable and will mold and rot rather quickly within the tank environment.  Cork is another good decor piece as it does not break down in the humid tank environment.


CoCo Huts

My frogs love to hide in these huts.  They also use them for laying eggs,  this would save me from having to dig thru the leaves to find eggs if I did want to collect all eggs.


My Method

I typically have rocks, woods, plants and coco huts on hand to add to tanks as they are running low.  My frogs love different woods, plants & coco huts and can often be checking out any additions that I make to the tank.



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