Suitable Terrarium Plants -D

***This post is a part of my April A to Z series where this year I will be highlighting different plants each day.  Check out this page to see all of my posts combined on one easy sheet. ***


Davallia fejeensis (Rabbit’s Food Fern)

This fern is well known by its fuzzy rhizomes sprouting new growth as it spreads.


Origin: Fiji

Lighting: indirect bright light

Soil:moist soil, but not soaked

Temperature: 60-75 degrees F.

This plant can be mounted into a background or in the substrate.  The fern can grow 6-10″ tall which makes it perfectly suited for the vivarium.


$5.79/each at NE Herp

Photos taken by NEHerp.  Check them out here.



Dieffenbachia ‘Panther’

Josh’s Frogs offers a bunch of different Dieffenbachia, but I love how the leaves of the panther variety look.


Origin: Mexico & West Indies south to Argentina

Lighting: medium – high light

Soil: let the soil dry out for a bit before watering

Temperature: 60-80 degrees F

Due to the potential size of this houseplant, it can remain within a terrarium for around a year before it will need to become a dedicated houseplant ( or in my house a cat snack).SONY DSC


$4.49/each at Josh’s Frogs

Photos taken by Josh’s Frogs.  Check them out here.

Thanks for checking out some cool plants and hope to see you back here every day except for Sundays during the month of April.  Check out all the posts here!


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