Suitable Terrarium Plants -G

***This post is a part of my April A to Z series where this year I will be highlighting different plants each day.  Check out this page to see all of my posts combined on one easy sheet. ***

Gastrochilus ‘formosanum’


Lighting -Can thrive in shade or bright light

Water -3-5 waterings per week.

Soil-Moist soil, but let dry slightly between waterings.

Temperature- between 55-85 degrees F.

This orchid is known as a Centipede orchid.  Flowers are spotted with bright red and lip is white with red spotting.  This orchid is considered a miniature orchid and is very fragrant.


$31.00 at Andy’s Orchids

Photos taken by Andy’s Orchid.  Check them out here.

Guzmania ‘Sun Kissed’

Origin-South America

Lighting –requires low light and does not like direct sunlight

Water – place water in the central cup of the plant and replace frequently to keep from rotting

Soil-potting soil designed for orchids works well

Temperature-Prefers temperatures over 55 degrees F.

This bromeliad is rather large for a vivarium, however it would be an awesome houseplant.  It will range between 12-24″ tall and 16-18″ across.  .



$12.00 at Michael’s Bromeliads

Photos taken by Michael’s Bromeliads.  Check them out here.


Thanks for checking out some cool plants and hope to see you back here every day except for Sundays during the month of April.  Check out all the posts here!

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