Suitable Terrarium Plants – M

***This post is a part of my April A to Z series where this year I will be highlighting different plants each day.  Check out this page to see all of my posts combined on one easy sheet. ***

Maranta leuconeura ‘Prayer plant’


Lighting – atleast 4 hours of sunlight a day

Soil- 2 parts peat moss & 1 part loam & perlite mix or if outdoors use garden soil with a 2″ layer of peat moss mixed into the top 6″ of soil.

Water – enough to keep the soil moist

Temperature- 70-90 degrees F.

This prayer plant can produce 8″ long leaves that hold very interesting markings.  These leaves will fold in the evening and then open again at daybreak.


  $4.49 at NE Herp

Photos taken by NE Herp.  Check them out here.

Marcgravia sp. ‘Shingle Plant’


Origin-Caribbean Islands, Central and South America

Lighting –moderate to high light

Water –loves humid environment

Temperature- This plant requires high humidity of a container garden or terrarium.

This plant is not recommended as a houseplant in an open air pot due to its humidity requirements.  This vine will thrive on the backgrounds of tanks and can take over if allowed.


  $26.99 at Josh’s Frogs

Photos taken by Josh’s Frogs.  Check them out here.

Thanks for checking out some cool plants and hope to see you back here every day except for Sundays during the month of April.  Check out all the posts here!

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6 thoughts on “Suitable Terrarium Plants – M

  1. I used to have Prayer Plants too. No idea when they died. Or maybe they were eaten the time the goats got into the house. I think I have something like that trailing plant crawling along in my yard.
    Finding Eliza

  2. alba 15 – M –Maranta leuconeura & Marcgravia sp. compacta ‘Krinkle Kurl’ & Holcoglossum wangii 11 – I – Isochilus major 12 – J –Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana) 13 – K – Kangaroo Fern & Korean Rock Fern 14 – L – Lycopodium squarrosum & Ludisia discolor var.

  3. alba 15 – M –Maranta leuconeura & Marcgravia sp. alba 15 – M –Maranta leuconeura & Marcgravia sp.

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