Suitable Terrarium Plants – O

***This post is a part of my April A to Z series where this year I will be highlighting different plants each day.  Check out this page to see all of my posts combined on one easy sheet. ***

Oerstedella schwienfurthiana

Origin- El Salvador

Lighting –full sun

Soil- Moist

Water – 2-3 waterings per week.  Allow soil to dry slightly prior to watering.

Temperature-45-90 degrees F. favors cool weather

This plant has some gorgeous blooms.  It can exceed reach 4′ tall with 1-1/2″ tall blooms


  $28.00 at Andy’s Orchids

Photos taken by Andy’s Orchids.  Check them out here.

Oxalis regnellii (purple shamrock)


Origin-South America

Lighting –Partial Sun

Water –water regularly but do not overwater

Temperature-50 degres F.+

This plant would make an excellent houseplant or exterior cascading plant.  It can reach up to 16″ tall and 14″ wide.  Direct sunlight may scorch the leaves. They have gorgeous lavender blooms on its triangular shaped leaves.


  $26.99 at Josh’s Frogs

Photos taken by Josh’s Frogs.  Check them out here.

Thanks for checking out some cool plants and hope to see you back here every day except for Sundays during the month of April.  Check out all the posts here!

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