Suitable Terrarium Plants – R

***This post is a part of my April A to Z series where this year I will be highlighting different plants each day.  Check out this page to see all of my posts combined on one easy sheet. ***

Restrepia brachypus



$16.99 at Glass Box Tropicals

Photo taken by Glass Box Tropicals.  Check them out here.

Origin-Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Columbia.

Lighting –bright indirect light

Water –Moist water 2-3 times per week allowing to dry slightly prior to watering

Temperature- 40-95 degrees F.  Favors cooler weather

This orchid is a gorgeous specimen with even more pretty flowers.  This species can hold its 1″ bloom for months.  This is what is considered as a medium orchid species as it will reach 4-8″ tall and wide.  Place an order for one of these orchids from either Glass Box Tropicals or Andy’s Orchids today as they will look great in your terrarium!


  $22.00 at Andy’s Orchids

Photos taken by Andy’s Orchids.  Check them out here.

Thanks for checking out some cool plants and hope to see you back here every day except for Sundays during the month of April.  Check out all the posts here!

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