3 year blogiversary

I can hardly believe it has already been 3 years since I officially started this blog.  I have learned so much and met so many awesome people as crazy as me.



Now for some stats:


Facebook -830 “likes”

Facebook is constantly changing their preferences and news feed.  One way to combat their latest changes is to change your preferences to show notifications or see first.  As always, you can interact with my page to show facebook that you would like to see my posts.

Frog Lady Facebook Page _ See Me!


Twitter -52 followers






Instagram -726 followers






132 wordpress followers &

42 email followers



81,222 views from 45,568 viewers


It always amazes me seeing where everyone has viewed my blog from.  The grey countries are countries I have yet to have a view from.

amCharts (1).jpg

Here are my top 10 most popular posts:

10) 26 Pros thoughts on Fruit Fly Supplementation

#9) Inspirational Builds Part 2

#8) Hobbyist Feature – Chris Luce

#7) Inspirational Builds Part 1

#6) Types of Adelphobates

#5) Types of Dendrobates “Tinctorius” with pictures

#4) Types of Dendrobates “Auratus” with pictures

#3) DIY Terrariums

#2) Paludarium for Poison Dart Frogs

And the number 1 post for the past 3 years with over 13,000 views is….

#1) 7 reasons everyone should buy a Biopod


Here are some things you can look forward to in the next year-

-Tarapoto army (they are currently breeding quite well)

-New Frogs!

-Step by step build for new Tank (for the new frogs!) I am thinking concrete background!


-mistking review

-Types of Pumilio with photos

-Women with Frogs Series


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