Featured Frog Friday – Breviceps macrops

**There are so many frogs that are on the icun redlist.  I am taking the opportunity on fridays to feature a different frog to raise awareness of these gorgeous but soon to be obsolete frogs.**

Today’s featured frog is the Breviceps macrops aka Desert Rain Frog.  Located in a strip of land 6.2 miles wide within Namibia and South Africa.  This area is rather arid featuring many sand dunes with the only moisture coming from fog off the sea.  This fog occurs an average of 100 days a year.

desert rain frog range.jpg

The Breviceps macrops is a small frog with bulging eyes and a short snout.  It has short limbs, spade like feet and webbed toes.  The underside of this frog’s skin is transparent and allows the internal organs to be seen; however this frog typically has sand adhering to its skin.  It has yellowish brown skin which helps blend in with the sand dunes in which it resides.  The Desert rain frog is nocturnal so it emerges at night to feed on moths, beetles and other insects.  In the morning it will burrow back into the sand to a depth of 4-8″ deep.  At this depth, the sand stays moist.

Desert Rain Frog (Breviceps macrops) (2)

This frog is listed as vulnerable by the ICUNredlist as it occupies less than 2,000 km2.  It’s distribution is limited and there is a continued decline.  Some threats to these frogs are loss of habitat due to coastal opencast diamond mining and the development of roads due to human settlement.

Desert Rain Frog (Breviceps macrops) (4)

Desert Rain Frog (Breviceps macrops) (3)

The photos for today’s post are brought to you from Cliff & Suretha Dorse.  The images can be found on their website Biodiversity Focused.  Please check out their awesome page as they have many very nice photos of all sorts of animals they have photographed.

For more information on the Breviceps macrops please check out the websites below.






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