Featured Frog Friday – Anhydrophryne rattrayi

**There are so many frogs that are on the icun redlist.  I am taking the opportunity on fridays to feature a different frog to raise awareness of these gorgeous but soon to be obsolete frogs.**

Today’s featured frog is the Anhydrophryne rattrayi aka Hogsback Chirping Frog.  This frog is known in three locations within South Africa and has an extent of occurrence of 458 miles, with the area of occupancy of only 170 square miles.  These frogs may be found within the grasslands of wetland forests and will typically remain at altitudes of less than 1,100 meters within the Afromontane Forest.

anhydrophryne range

The Anhydrophryne rattrayi ranges in color from black to brown to copper.  It can be found with or without dorsal stripes, but all will have a dark facial mask.  The male has a chiseled snout which he uses for digging a burrow about the size of a golf ball.  Females will be attracted by the calling males melodious cheeps and will enter the burrow to lay 15-20 eggs.

Hogsback Chirping Frog (Anhydrophryne rattrayi) (3)

The hogsback chirping frog is listed as vulnerable by the ICUNredlist, but it is noted to be plentiful in small areas within its range.  The main threat is loss of habitat as new trees and plants take over the grass lands which is occupies.  The addition of main roads have restricted the breeding sites and have created small patches of occupancy.  One interesting thing about this frog is that in 2004 this frog was listed as Endangered, but it has been downgraded to vulnerable now.

Hogsback Chirping Frog (Anhydrophryne rattrayi) (5).jpg

Hogsback Chirping Frog (Anhydrophryne rattrayi) (1).jpg

The photos for today’s post are brought to you from Cliff & Suretha Dorse.  The images can be found on their website Biodiversity Focused.  Please check out their awesome page as they have many very nice photos of all sorts of animals they have photographed.

For more information on the Anhydrophryne rattrayi please check out the websites below.





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