Re-using Culture cups

I originally bought my first stock of culturing cups over 5 years ago from Patrick @ Saurian.

Check out all the types of culturing cups here.


Here is how I re-use my culture cups:

With a WI winter, I typically freeze the cultures in winter.  This makes clean-up really easy.  Package all of the used cultures in a large bag and set them outside during winter.


During the summer, these cups stack nice with the lids off so they can easily fit within a side shelf of your freezer.  I double bagged these for my husband’s piece of mind.


Another method is to leave them in the sun to dry out or on top of your lights.  I do not recommend leaving them on top of your lights as I would see it as unsightly along with the possibility of mite explosion within close proximity of your tank.

I would recommend leaving the cultures to freeze a couple of days, but longer is better for me.  By freezing the cultures, you can kill off any remaining flies and maggots but it also freezes the media and excelsior to one solid mass.


A couple of taps on the bottom of the container and the media will let go and fall into an awaiting plastic garbage bag.


Now all that remains are some casings on the sides.  IMG_3940.JPG

I now place them in the sink or a counter and fill them with hot water with a touch of dish soap.


Let them sit around 15 minutes and once swirled and dumped there are very few casings that remain.


Wipe out with a paper towel and rinse and they are now clean.


I deal with the lids in a similar manner.  Freeze them and prior to soaking I rinse the lids and then place a small amount of dishsoap on each one and rub around.  Some people do use a bleach rinse but I have not found it necessary.


After soaking I give these a good rinse and let them air dry.



Do you (or a significant other) not like the idea of them being cleaned in the house?  These cultures can also be cleaned outside with a garden hose with the same process.


Now your culture cups are ready to be re-used.

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