Attracting frogs and toads to your yard

Did you know that the average toad can eat over 100 insects a night? Just 1 frog or toad can eat up to 10,000 insects in the summer.

They are a great natural pest control. Frogs and toads are a good indicator of a healthy environment. If they are living and breeding happily, it is a good sign, if the frogs suddenly leave – there is a problem. If you can get a good quantity of them, you will be able to hear their gorgeous chorus of singing on summer nights. Finally, it is an easy way to teach children about wildlife and the environment.

Now that you know why you want frogs and toads in your area, let’s discuss the ways to get them in your backyard.

Avoid using chemicals and pesticides

Frogs and toads skin is very sensitive to pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Try to go organic and use pet safe products wherever possible.

Provide Frog/ Toad Shelter

  1. Use a clay pot and flip it on its side, then partially bury it. This is a great use for any broken pots!
Clay Pots

2. Provide a large stack of rocks with lots of crevices and cavities to provide a cool safe place to hide from predators.

3. Buy a pre-made toad home

Add low-voltage garden lights

By adding some low-voltage garden lights, you will attract insects for the frogs and toads to eat. This will cause the frogs and toads to gather near this light to feast.

Provide Water

Both toads and frogs absorb moisture into their body by sitting in water. For toads, you can place several shallow containers or water in the shade near your frog shelter for them to sit in. Rinse the containers and provide fresh water once a week. For frogs, it will take more work, but you could provide a pond.

A small bucket sunk into the ground similar to below could provide enough water for a couple toads.

Add a pond

A pond is a breeding ground to frogs and toads. Read this post on how to create a pond that will be frog and toad friendly.

Build it and they will come….eventually

Creating the right pond environment will attract frogs, but it may take a year or two for them to appear. Do NOT release a captive bred frog into your pond.


Cover Window Wells

Toads often can get trapped in window wells with no way to escape causing them to die. Make sure to cover your window wells or prop up a 2×4 to act as a ladder for them to escape on.

Keep away from children and pets

Dogs and cats are notorious for eating or playing with found frogs and toads. As a defense many toads release a toxic skin secretion which can be poisonous to dogs and cats. Small children should be taught to observe the animals from afar as there oils on their hands may harm the frogs and toads.

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5 thoughts on “Attracting frogs and toads to your yard

  1. Hi Allyse, I’m enjoying your website as it helped me identify the Gray Tree Frog that is currently in my pool calling for a mate. We still have the cover over the pool, and my husband is planning to open the pool tomorrow. Fortunately, there are a lot of creeks in the neighborhood (unless he decides to stay in the pool).

    1. Make sure there’s a way for it to get out of the pool. Hopefully it will find its way to one of the nearby creeks so that you can enjoy the pool without worry.

  2. Thank you for these tips!! I used to have crickets eating my herbs & now I see frogs & salamanders. I want to give them a habitat to keep them happy & safe & found your site & this page. Thank you again!!

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