Ultimate Oophaga pumilio care guide

Oophaga pumilio (Strawberry Poison Frog)

Difficulty: Advanced – Expert

The Oophaga pumilio is typically a bold, brightly colored poison dart frog, originally found in Central America, Nicaragua, Panama and surrounding islands. Maps and location information is intentionally vague to help make it harder for smuggling of frogs out of the area. Below is the location according to IUCN. It is listed as least concern due to its widespread distribution and tolerance of habitat modification.

Did you know?

  • There are hundreds of locales of pumilio; I will cover the most popular in the the next post.
  • They are used in medical research as their skin toxins are a possible source of medicine for human diseases.
  • In the wild, their skin toxins are caused by their diet, so in captivity they will loose their skin toxins.
  • Tadpoles are cannibalistic so if two tadpoles are left alone in the same small pond of water they will eat each other.
  • Their bright coloration helps warn potential predators they are poisonous.
  • The female parent will take care of her developing tadpoles by providing nutritious unfertilized eggs.

The Oophaga pumilio is a small frog with most measuring between .5″ -1″ at adulthood. In the wild, they will last 5-6 years, however in captivity they live an average of 10-15 years old, with the oldest living 17 years at a zoo.

Ultimate Oophaga pumilio Care Guide:

  1. Introduction to care (Current Page)
  2. Locales
  3. Terrarium Size
  4. Lighting, UVB, Temperature and Humidity Requirements
  5. Terrarium Design
  6. Feeding
  7. Breeding
  8. Tadpole Care
  9. Shopping List
  10. Common health Issues
  11. Additional Resources

Map of range from IUCNredlist.org

Cover photo was taken by Dendrotoine85 and used with the Creative Commons License.  Photo was cropped & text was added to original.  See Original photo here.

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Is this information out of date?

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