Products to Upgrade Frogroom – RO System

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A reverse osmosis system help to create pure water from tap water. It works by forcing water through filter membranes which catch impurities and remove minerals, chlorine and more.

When selecting a RO system, make sure to check out the rejection chart to see how much of the contaminants it will remove along with how long it takes to fill a gallon of water.

The HydroLogic 150 GPD Stealth Ro150 Reverse Osmosis System can fill a gallon in 6-7 minutes and can filter 98% of the contaminants out of your water. You could use a smaller system if you are fine with a longer wait. Most systems come with a hose bib connection, so you can hook it up, use it and then put it away until the next time you need it.

This would be good to use for misting systems.

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