Products to Upgrade Frogs – Supplements

This care guide contains affiliate links, which means that gets a small commission from the Amazon products that our readers buy through us. It does not cost you any extra and the proceeds go toward keeping free. Thank you for your support!

Supplements are very important to the health of your frogs. Fruit flies on their own are a poor nutritional source so they should be dusted daily with a high quality vitamin supplement. Here are my favorites:

Daily- Repashy Calcium Plus– increases the nutritional value of the insects.

Monthly – Repashy Vitamin A Plus – essential for producing healthy offspring and reduces the incidents of Spindly Legs while increasing overall egg health.

Monthly – Repashy Superpig – helps keep the vivid coloring of your frog

All supplements must be replaced within 6 months of opening. Store in refrigerator for best results.

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