About Me

img_8189Hey!  My name is Allyse and I am so glad you are here! I’m the blogger behind The Frog Lady and I am all about spreading knowledge and information on the most awesome animals, FROGS!

I do all of the species highlights and information research along with write all the blog posts.  I love to share information about my collection including what has and has not worked for me.  I spend my days near Milwaukee, WI with my husband, our 2 adorable and troublesome kittens and a room full of frogs.

So what’s the story behind this blog?

Well, as a child I always loved going up to my grandparents cottage in northern WI.  Here I would grab grandpa’s largest 5 gallon buckets and fill the bottom with water and a couple rocks and then go on the hunt for frog & turtles.  As a child, I remember often catching Northern leopard frogs however now it is a rare sight to see on the lake -the lake now has mostly bullfrogs and green frogs.  It is this diminishing of frogs that has gotten me started on learning more about frogs.

While in college, a friend of mine had some D. leucomelas and I was fascinated.  Until this time, I did not realize that I could actually keep these frogs as a pet.  I researched for months and finally in fall of 2011, after graduating from college and getting my first job, I bought my first poison dart frogs and I have not looked back.

I started this blog a couple years ago as a fun way to share photos of my frogs with anyone who wanted to know more about them and so that I could document how much they have grown.  A couple years later and I’m thrilled that it has grown into a place that many of you now return to view.  I love reading all of your comments on here.  So thank you so much for being here- it really means a lot to me!

If this is your first time visiting the blog, I’d recommend you start out by browsing the categories on the left sidebar to see which interest you.  Feel free to also explore My Collection, Species Highlights and the top post sections on the page, and come say hi on social media if you’re on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.  I respond to questions and comments at the bottom of each post, but if you would like to touch base about anything else (including business partnerships), just drop me a note on my contact page.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you come back to watch my collection grow, along with learn some fun facts.