Motivational Friday

Well it is one day before the weekend.  Steve and I are getting ready to sell our house again.  We are looking at listing it again on February 8th.  This means that it is starting to get to crunch time.  We need the house in its prime, ready to sell by February 2nd.  This will… Continue reading Motivational Friday

Inspirational Big Builds

This is the first post of many on inspirational tank builds.
Today’s post will focus on big builds.  These builds are tanks that I can only dream of, seeing that our house isn’t nearly big enough to have any of these.  But I can dream right?

Although I did increase the size of the photos, you can click on the photo to see it larger.

Let me know if there are any that you think I should add or if you know who built any of these!


Size: HUGE – look at the small blue frog in the lower center of the photo who is probably 1-2″ big.

Builder: Mark Whitworth


Size: 180 gallons

Builder: Josh Moore


Size: huge

Builder: Marty from Mistking


Size: 150 gallons

Builder: Justin Grimm


Size: 225 gallons

Builder: unknown


Size: 185 gallons

Builder: Spirit of Jungle



Size: ginormous

Builder: unknown


Size: 300 gallon

Builder: unknown



Size: huge

Builder: unknown


Size: 245 gallons

Builder: Raf

Size: 180 gallons

Builder: Jason Withers