My Collection


Dendrobates leucomelas

This tank is home to 3 leucs.  I received my first leuc in the fall of 2011.  His name is ‘Houdini’.  Houdini is the happiest and most curious guy. Always comes out when his lid is open to “see” what I am doing.  I added another 2 leucs to the tank in fall of 2014 after the death of my female leuc.  The leucs are the frog that has started this addiction.


 Leuc photos:





Ranitomeya imitator “Tarapoto”

This is home to (4) Ranitomeya Imitator “Tarapoto’s”.  I bought the tank from a local guy who was getting rid of his frogs in May of 2013. These frogs are very good parents and the males call all day every day in the spring, summer & fall.  In fall of 2015 I redid the tank to the current photo below.  The plants are still growing in.


Tarapoto (2.2) adult photos:






This tank is home to 2 babies of the Tarapoto parents.  These babies were born on Sept. 19th 2014.  One is melanistic and one is normal.



Two Babies:


Dendrobates tinctorius ‘Bakhuis

This tank is home to 2 Bakhuis.  I received 4 of these frogs in April of 2014 and I found out first hand how hard bullying can be.  Over the course of 6 months, the frogs had  widdled themselves down to a pair.  The 2 remaining frogs are the happiest & healthiest frogs and can almost always be seen.


Probable pair of Bakhuis:


Dendrobates Auratus ‘Camo

These are my most recent additions.  I added them to my collection in November of 2015.  These 2 are very shy, but are gradually coming out more often.


Probable Pair of Dendrobates Auratus “Camo”



last updated 12/28/2015

5 thoughts on “My Collection

  1. I used to have a rather large collection of frog-oriented items, but I would have preferred real ones. I’ve always been fascinated by frogs. We’ve had an exceptionally wet and warm spring, and a very vocal male has moved in next door to us – perhaps in a new water feature our neighbor added to her yard. His song comes through loud and clear over the nearby choir from closer to the lake. I love hearing him but haven’t scouted over there yet in hopes of seeing him. I’ll have to ask my neighbor if I can try to check him out.

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