Species Highlight “Adelphobates Quinquevittatus”

First of all, I want to take this moment to thank everyone for their support.  Last month was my highest month for viewership with 1,608 views and 637 unique visitors.  That is over 3 times the amount of viewers I had in September which was at that time my highest month.  Now, here we are…… Continue reading Species Highlight “Adelphobates Quinquevittatus”

Types of Adelphobates with pictures

Here are all of the different types of Adelphobates that I could find, with pictures!  Let me know if I missed some! Castaneoticus Galactonotus, Golden Galactonotus, Koi Galactonotus, Orange Galactonotus, Red Galactonotus, Solid Orange Galactonotus, Moonshine Galactonotus, Yellow Quinquevittatus Note: All of these photos were found on Google Images, I do not own the right to… Continue reading Types of Adelphobates with pictures

Inspirational Builds Part 2

Today's Post goes with my Inspirational Big Build post. However, instead of HUGE builds that most of us can only dream of, here are some inspirational builds that are at a size that we could add them to our collection as an awesome display tank.   Size: 44 gallon Pentagon tank Builder: Jim Size: 67… Continue reading Inspirational Builds Part 2