Types of Oophaga Pumilio with pictures

Take a peek at some photos of each Oophaga Pumilio morph.


Types of Dendrobates “Auratus” with pictures

After many requests I have created a list (with pictures) of all the types of Dendrobates "Auratus".  Let me know if there is something else you would like to see! Here are all of the different types of Dendrobates Auratus that I could find, with pictures!  Let me know if I missed some! Ancon Hill… Continue reading Types of Dendrobates “Auratus” with pictures

Operation catch 3 little froggies

Operation catch 3 little froggies in a 15 gallon tank last night was a success.  They were quick and had some good hiding places, but mission accomplished. Here is a break down on how the evening went: Step 1- set-up temporary tank Step  2- start to take things out and place them in temporary tank… Continue reading Operation catch 3 little froggies