Dealing with the Cold

I figured this post would be mid-December, but seeing how said that it felt like -6 degrees F outside when I woke up, I guess this is relevant now.

There are two main ways to heat up the frog tanks.  Either heat the room or heat the tanks.

Heating the Room

Heating the room is the preferred & safer method.  This can be accomplished by a space heater or fireplace.

My husband and I have a Lasko baseboard style heater.  It is similar to this:

Lasko Baseboard Heater

The original idea was to use it in our basement, however our basement is too large of a space for it to get it warm.  This would be much better suited for a small frog room.

Heating the tanks

Heating the tanks is the easier & more cost effective way (if you have a large house).  This way is also more risky & dangerous.  There are many ways to heat the tank.

Heat mats- I have a small zilla heat mat as shown below.  This was on my previous tank and it just recently fell off.  This heat mat worked pretty well on the side of the tank.  Make sure no cold water will be sprayed in that area as their have been reports of it cracking the glass.

Zilla 09937 Terrarium Heater Heat Mat, 8-Watt, 6 by 8-Inch

Zilla Heat Mat


The heat mats can be used in conjunction with a  thermostat in order to better maintain the temperature in the tank.


Heat tape- can be good if you find somewhere to hide it where it can radiate- inside fake rocks or other places.  This could also be used carefully under the tank.

Aquarium water heater in the false bottom- This can be a good idea if you have the forethought while designing the tank.   However, must make sure that there is enough water in the false bottom in order for it to work according to the directions.

Quick & Easy things in a pinch around the house

If you get in  a pinch where the house is very cold and you don’t have time to run to the store or you lost power or something, here are a couple quick and easy ways to keep the tanks warm.

-cover the tank with insulation or a towel to minimize losses

-fill empty soda bottles with warm water and place in the tank (not too hot that it could hurt the little guys)


We let our house get a little cold for the froggies during the winter so for the littlest froglets they normally end up under a heated blanket with me.  I can turn the heated blanket off over night and during the day, but I find it keeps them a little warmer.  Here they are this morning all ready for the day!



Anyone have any other good tips or ways that they heat their tanks/ room in the winter?thefroglady


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