I have always loved watching the birds.  Most days I think I am similar to a cat, watch birds, love naps in the sun.  I have had a bird feeder for quite awhile, but I wanted to see cool birds instead of the boring crows, morning doves & robins.  Like an Oriole for example.  Those are beautiful and awesome.  Here is an Oriole:

Audubon Guide to North American Birds
My parents have always had jelly and oranges out for the orioles and the birds love it!  So we finally went to Farm & Fleet and picked up an Oriole bird feeder similar to this one : 81oS+QjgIbL._SL1500_This one is pretty cool because it has a spot for 4 cups of jellies and can fit 2 halves of an orange on it as well.  It is made from recycled plastic so it should hold up pretty well to the elements! I posted a photo of the taste testing challenge on Instagram.  (Here’s the link to follow me on Instagram!) IMG_2175 So I filled up the cups with Two Apricot Jelly & Two Grape Jelly and the results are in! The Orioles prefer grape jelly, while the finches like the apricot.  I am not sure how we ended up with Apricot jelly in the house, but the birds finished it off for us! Here is a photo of our backyard with the two feeders. 

If you look closely near the left bird feeder are 2 orioles!  They love the grape jelly.  Sorry for the awful photo but it was taken from the house so I wouldn’t scare them. Do you have any Orioles hanging out by your house? Hope you have a great weekend! thefroglady

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